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paranoid android
elsewhere now.
Entrées récentes 
24e-jan-2009 02:00 pm - Unicorns In Our Midst by Janice Tay
kidnapped by supermodels
WHAT is this life, asked a poet, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare? So I've been staring at a beer can. Specifically, a can from Kirin, a major brewery in Japan.

it tells you less about unicorns than it does about the people writing about them - and how they feel about sleeping in virgins' laps.Réduire )

An unexpectedly sweet, snarky twist on the ageless call to smell the roses. I love the imagery, the cross-cultural references. And I think I've found a favourite local columnist.
2e-jan-2009 11:26 pm - cheryl posts at tumblr yo!
kidnapped by supermodels
Hello! I check LJ now and then, but I post mostly at http://aubergines.tumblr.com.

12e-mai-2008 05:49 pm - l8r allig8r
kidnapped by supermodels
here for the lovely communities (:
26e-mar-2008 10:37 pm - singaporeans call it PEEAHHNO
kidnapped by supermodels

I loved that last exam piece. Which I envisioned as ending with something Pompous and Grand and Awesomely Impressive. so i went through all the motions very nicely, and was just about unknotting all my nerves for the grand finale--only to play it one semitone off.

i was crushed! but my examiner SNIGGERED! i wheeled around as best as one could on a piano seat to face her. THE CHEEK. i was suffering.

Probably trying to reassure me, she told me she would only have sniggered if I'd played ok leading up to the ERREUR ENORME, told me to redo the last line, and then gave me the simplest sight reading piece known to man: in 2/2 time and in c major. SOME MORE AH. had no killer sharps/flat combos and a boring melodic range and straightforward dynamics.


but no! no complicated counting or foot-tapping was required! I nearly keeled over in relief!



Reading french wikipedia so that I don't drown in jargon tomorrow in french. My brain feels more shrivelled than ever before ):
24e-mar-2008 11:08 pm - mindfucked!
kidnapped by supermodels
I can't believe that this subculture has always existed in RGS!

(OHHH my innocence at the ways of the world. But really that's just a nice way of saying that I've been completely utterly unashamedly oblivious to so much subtlety over four years.....)

Well thank you RJ. My eyes are now wide open.

PIANO EXAM TMR. Coincidentally, I've magically lost the last dregs of any sight-reading ability I might have possessed. I checked about 4 minutes ago. I am so dead.
13e-mar-2008 10:32 am - zomg wow
kidnapped by supermodels
i have just slept for 12 hours, and now feel exceedingly smug and refreshed.

RCLF was a BLAST. It could've just been something really sian and frustrating if my facilitation skiilzz and/or laptop broke down, and if the participants belonged to the caste of Dead Fishes as a primary school teacher used to say. But there was my fellow sig leader, the totally random but sorely needed subcomm person who turned out to be a rad facilitator, and last but not least the participants themselves were more or less forthcoming with ideas and solutions.

I think i hit a slump halfway through, just felt so EXHAUSTED and UNREDEEMED and ECLIPSED and LIFE HAS NO MEANINGed. but thanks to a bunch of factors and people, i hauled myself out of the whole UGHHHHH TAKE ME OUT mood. (the vast quantities of water and cream puffs were also highly helpful.)

on a less perky side, I HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK LEFT TO DO after basically signing away the first half of my march hols.

there's going to be an *~informal gathering~* of sorts later today with people from comadv, and it appears that i am to be one of the highlights of the programme. we'll see how it goes.
kidnapped by supermodels
it's 11:45PM now, and i've just had my first bath in SEVENTEEN hours, after spending the entire day in school. not that it wasn't fun, i binged on fried things and water, took very many unflattering photos of other people (three of my favourite things in life), and the discussions were actually productive.

just that the long hours spent desiccating in air conditioning take a terrible toll on my skin, which decides that the best course of action to cope is to SPROUT, in a volcanic fashion, PIMPLES AND MORE PIMPLES. not just the odd isolated pimple either, this lethal combination of STRESS and LACK OF SLEEP and TOO MUCH AIR CON produce veritable ASTEROID BELTS of pimples spanning entire strips of my face.

today alone i refilled my 500ml oolong tea bottle more than 12 times.

tomorrow is the culmination of four days' of discussion on the participants' part; and several weeks of frantic planning on our part. there will be an although-five-minute-long-but-harrowing-sounding presentation to bigwigs of all sorts in LT1. yes, lt1. that ginormous cavern-like MONSTER of a lecture theatre.

i'm simply hoping that
  1. i don't speak too quickly
  2. the invited guests don't keel over from the sheer proximity of my awesomely pernicious pimples
i'm so tired. i hope i haven't let down people too badly. i always tend to do that when i'm too tired. i don't mean it but the consequences always tend, equally, to be damaging and far-reaching. it is depressing. i want cocaine. or red bull.

god help me i've got to wake up at 6 tomorrow! ):

ETA: apparently some dude in acs (i) committed suicide on valentine's day. old news but whatever. his name was tan wenyi. and then in time magazine or newsweek or whatever, got a rash of youth suicides in wales too, apparently all by internet acquaintances. damn scary.

i'm going to bed, i have lots to think about.

yesterday i dreamed about drowning. in a flood. absently. peacefully. absurdly. and woke up feeling confused.
i feel so displaced

im extra everywhere: old class new class sec 1/2 classmates sec 3/4 classmates france singapore malaysia crashing ogs crashing ccas crashing tutorials crashing lectures but never actually belonging anywhere

secretly a knotted up ball of insecurity but i try not to let it show

i wonder if i come across as needy? :-X
8e-fév-2008 12:15 am - mosaic music festival!
kidnapped by supermodels
aaaaaah aaaah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg omg omg!


how awesome is that?

from wikipedia: The Roots, also known as The Legendary Roots Crew, The Fifth Dynasty, The Square Roots and The Foundation, are an influential, Grammy winning hip hop group based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, famed for a heavily jazzy sound and live instrumentation. Inspired by the "hip-hop band" concept pioneered by Stetsasonic, the Roots themselves have garnered critical acclaim and influenced later hip-hop and R&B acts.


oh i am such a shameless fangirl.
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