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paranoid android
elsewhere now.
damn you, body clock 
8e-nov-2007 07:06 am
gnarls barkley
I got up at around four twenty today!
Wandered for a bit, tried to get back to sleep but unsuccessful.
A spot of lime juice chugging, then the call of youtube proved irresistible.

Have learned how to play Candy Shop (50 Cent), Many Men (50 Cent), Hey Jude (Beatles), Stronger (Kanye West), Tokyo Drift (Teriyaki Boyz), Heard 'Em Say (Kanye West), and Cupid's Chokehold (Gym Class Heroes) on the piano and cannot help but feel extremely silly.

Nevertheless, now attempting to transcribe Ayo Technology by ear. It is HARD. Youtube provides no answers. )':
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