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paranoid android
elsewhere now.
feeling sour and itchy (or love me hate me KILL ME NOW) 
10e-mar-2008 11:40 pm
kidnapped by supermodels
it's 11:45PM now, and i've just had my first bath in SEVENTEEN hours, after spending the entire day in school. not that it wasn't fun, i binged on fried things and water, took very many unflattering photos of other people (three of my favourite things in life), and the discussions were actually productive.

just that the long hours spent desiccating in air conditioning take a terrible toll on my skin, which decides that the best course of action to cope is to SPROUT, in a volcanic fashion, PIMPLES AND MORE PIMPLES. not just the odd isolated pimple either, this lethal combination of STRESS and LACK OF SLEEP and TOO MUCH AIR CON produce veritable ASTEROID BELTS of pimples spanning entire strips of my face.

today alone i refilled my 500ml oolong tea bottle more than 12 times.

tomorrow is the culmination of four days' of discussion on the participants' part; and several weeks of frantic planning on our part. there will be an although-five-minute-long-but-harrowing-sounding presentation to bigwigs of all sorts in LT1. yes, lt1. that ginormous cavern-like MONSTER of a lecture theatre.

i'm simply hoping that
  1. i don't speak too quickly
  2. the invited guests don't keel over from the sheer proximity of my awesomely pernicious pimples
i'm so tired. i hope i haven't let down people too badly. i always tend to do that when i'm too tired. i don't mean it but the consequences always tend, equally, to be damaging and far-reaching. it is depressing. i want cocaine. or red bull.

god help me i've got to wake up at 6 tomorrow! ):

ETA: apparently some dude in acs (i) committed suicide on valentine's day. old news but whatever. his name was tan wenyi. and then in time magazine or newsweek or whatever, got a rash of youth suicides in wales too, apparently all by internet acquaintances. damn scary.

i'm going to bed, i have lots to think about.

yesterday i dreamed about drowning. in a flood. absently. peacefully. absurdly. and woke up feeling confused.
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