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paranoid android
elsewhere now.
zomg wow 
13e-mar-2008 10:32 am
kidnapped by supermodels
i have just slept for 12 hours, and now feel exceedingly smug and refreshed.

RCLF was a BLAST. It could've just been something really sian and frustrating if my facilitation skiilzz and/or laptop broke down, and if the participants belonged to the caste of Dead Fishes as a primary school teacher used to say. But there was my fellow sig leader, the totally random but sorely needed subcomm person who turned out to be a rad facilitator, and last but not least the participants themselves were more or less forthcoming with ideas and solutions.

I think i hit a slump halfway through, just felt so EXHAUSTED and UNREDEEMED and ECLIPSED and LIFE HAS NO MEANINGed. but thanks to a bunch of factors and people, i hauled myself out of the whole UGHHHHH TAKE ME OUT mood. (the vast quantities of water and cream puffs were also highly helpful.)

on a less perky side, I HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK LEFT TO DO after basically signing away the first half of my march hols.

there's going to be an *~informal gathering~* of sorts later today with people from comadv, and it appears that i am to be one of the highlights of the programme. we'll see how it goes.
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